Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication in Hillston, NSW

made up of experts in stainless steel welding and fabrication, topweld general engineering is the only company you'll ever need for your stainless steel projects.

Our Team of Weld Experts Are Dedicated To Exceed Our Client’s Expectations

Those looking for exemplary welding and fabrication services in Hillston, New South Wales, needn’t look far because Topweld General Engineering has everything you need to get your metal project done quickly and done right. Leave it to our professional team of engineers and metalworkers to turn your ideas into reality. Call us today and we’ll gladly run you through how we work our magic!

How Topweld Can Help You On Your Welding Fabrication in Hillston?

Are you looking for metal welding or steel fabrication services in Hillston? Worried that other providers’ final products will be sub-par or below average? Well, don’t worry. Our team of carefully selected welders in Hillston, who are dedicated to their craft, will make sure that they will exceed all your expectations. With years of experience under our belts, we guarantee you that no matter what, we’ll be able to produce top-quality welds and other fabrication projects that you might ever need.

So put your trust in our professional team of engineers and metal workers because they will make sure that your ideas come into a reality.

General Steel Welding & Fabricating Services in Hillston

Our team of welders in Hillston offers a wide range of services catering to a vast variety of clientele, from residential needs to industrial builds, all of them know that they could trust the quality of work that us here in TopWeld guarantee. We assure you we are taking the utmost importance and care when we tackle your projects and will not cut corners and jeopardize your safety and the good name that we have made for ourselves in the community.

We like to pride ourselves on the high quality of work we do with aluminum and stainless steel. Both are amazing materials for almost any job you might have but are notorious to be easily compromised in the hands of a second-rate welder, unlike our team of expert professionals who have years’ worth of experience when it comes to their crafts.

With Hillston known for its agricultural sector that relies on food processing plants to process and package products, we like to boast that our pipe and tube welding services in Hillston are some of our best works yet. By prioritizing both cleanliness and sanitation, we guarantee food grade levels of welding in our work to make sure that the products that will use those pipes will not be compromised.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now for any more questions about any of our amazing services and get a quote today!

What Can we do for you?

Quality Service

We offer a plethora of services that include, but are not limited to, general welding, structural fabrication, and sheet metal fabrication in Canberra. We doubt there’s a better place to get such a comprehensive offer.


Our team is composed of carefully selected individuals with abundant experience and educational backgrounds. We greatly value those who can adapt to any situation, and solve problems using creative means.

Customer Focus

The satisfaction of our clients with our work is our highest priority. It is not enough that we complete our work, we also strive to deliver a consistent level of quality and end-to-end services with all of them.

We offer wide range welding and fabrication services

Locations We Served Across Australia

We served in different locations across Australia by offering professional and friendly fabrication and welding services. TopWeld team have invested heavily in acquiring all of the industrial processes required by our clients to ensure that every welding projects are delivered on time and with expert care. No project is too big or too small. We are your local welding company specialising in the welding and fabrication of all metals including aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, copper, titanium, magnesium and brass. 

We Provide Quality and Fast Turn-Around Services in Hillston, NSW

Let Topweld take the wheel of your metalworker project and we promise that the end product will be more than satisfactory. We serve a vast range of clientele from residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of society, and we make sure to provide each of them the best service we can possibly provide without cutting corners. Our history working with different companies goes way back, and there are plenty of homeowners, business owners, and general contractors out there that are satisfied with the quality of our work and vouch for our authenticity. Working with us doesn’t just mean you’re working with experienced laborers, but also learned professionals who have spent years mastering their craft by the books and out on the field.

If there is one thing we can say with absolute certainty that we’ve mastered, it’s working with aluminum and stainless steel. These two materials are not like their contemporaries. They’re corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and lustrous, properties that a bad weld can easily compromise. Our workers on the other hand are trained to use various methods of welding on these materials to suit each unique situation, ensuring that they retain their quality all throughout.

Hillston is known for its agriculture, and we know for a fact that that sector is reliant on food processing plants to process and package products. That is why we are pleased to say that pipe and tube welding is also a kind of work we excel at, prioritizing cleanliness and sanitation for when they are used to raw and processed materials.

Interested in working with us? Give us a call using the contact details we have provided on this website. We offer in-house jobs in our workshops and on-site work through our mobile welding services.

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Questions And Answers

Depending on the scale of the project, the process of welding could take anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. At Topweld, we try to finish as soon as possible, while also staying true to our policy regarding quality.

If you’re looking for a welding service in Hillston, it’s usually around $30 – $70 per hour, and depending on how experienced the worker is, it might be even more. But rest assured that we here in TopWeld will give you a reasonable and fair price on any of your projects.

If you are new to the industry of metal fabrication in Hillston, then it’s about in the range of $30 – $60 per hour but as you get more and more experience you can offer more services and charge more as you develop your skills. Just be aware that prices differ from big cities to small towns.