Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Topweld General Engineering offers sturdy and secure stainless steel storage tank metal fabrication services for residential or industrial use in New South Wales and Canberra. The storage tanks we build are made to last, and can be relied upon when storing clean water, fuel, or other types of contents over long periods of time.

Why is Stainless Steel Used for

Storage Tanks?

Stainless steel is a remarkable alloy with a multitude of uses. Many of the things we interact with in our daily lives are made of stainless steel, some good examples are the utensils we use to eat and tools we use in the office. Though it is slightly weaker in terms of overall durability compared to steel, the alloy makes up for it with its exceptional resistance to corrosion. For this reason, it is also widely used in factories in the form of pipes, pressure tubes, and of course, storage tanks.

Strength and Resistance

Storage tanks are used to store and isolate large amounts of liquids or gasses. In most cases, you would want to keep those contents as pure and decontaminated as much as possible, especially if they will be directly consumed by humans or animals or may react violently to exposure to the atmosphere such as the case with water storage tanks and fuel storage tanks respectively. Stainless steel is the perfect alloy for this job because it contains 10% chromium, which creates a thin oxide layer that protects the alloy from corrosion and potential contamination.

Metal Grade

Two of the most common grades of austenitic stainless steel are grades 304 and 316 stainless steel. These are the specific grades of stainless steel that we use to build safe and durable storage tanks. Compared to other grades of stainless steel, 304 has a much higher percentage of alloying elements present apart from carbon and iron. Specifically, it contains up to 20% chromium and 10.5% nickel, which makes them particularly effective when it comes to corrosion resistance. It has less thermal conductivity than carbon steel, which is great for insulation. As an alloy, it is still magnetic, though not as strong as steel.

What Are The Uses of a
Stainless Steel Storage Tank?

Topweld offers fabrication services for stainless steel storage tanks to be used in different industries, from residential real estate to factories producing all sorts of goods.

Water Storage

Stainless steel storage tanks are mainly used in houses, apartments, and condominiums for storing clean water for drinking and other facilities. They are also used in agriculture alongside water irrigation to provide adequate water to crops during seasons like summer when rain is infrequent. Because of the health risks involved in drinking contaminated water, it is important to keep emergency water storage tanks free from rust and other impurities at all times.

Fermentation Vessels

Otherwise known as fermenters, fermentation vessels are used in breweries or wineries to store wort or must during the fermentation process. Though wooden barrels are still popular in home-based or traditional breweries and wineries, factories typically use large stainless steel fermenter tanks particularly because the corrosion-resistant surface leaves little to no effect on the taste of the beer or wine.

Dairy Products

Dairy processing plants also use stainless steel storage tanks for storage and processing. In order to save money on construction costs, some factories make use of massive outdoor insulated silo tanks with stainless steel outer shells. Intermediate storage tanks are found inside the manufacturing plant to store dairy over short periods of time as they get processed and packaged into commercial products.


Storage tanks are also important to the confectionary industry in the same way they are for other food-related industries. The tank keeps its contents safe from contamination and can regulate the temperature inside it, which are both essential to the production of high-quality products.

Fuel Containers

Though not as common as plastic or steel storage tanks, stainless steel has been incorporated in modern fuel storage tank designs - typically in hybrid tanks. The process of fabricating stainless steel with other alloys has to be flawless in order to prevent leaks and other imperfections that may pose a risk to the structural integrity of the tank and the safety of the people that will be around it. One good example is a diesel storage tank, which is often found within urban communities.

Why Hire Topweld for Your
Storage Tanks?

Topweld is home to professional stainless steel welders and fabricators that are highly experienced in building secure storage tanks. Our team has worked on different projects over the years, so we are confident that we can put out results that will exceed your expectations. We don’t take any shortcuts, especially when it comes to the quality of our custom welding services, so you can rest assured knowing that your custom metal fabrication is built to last.

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Questions And Answers

Stainless steel is durable and resistant to corrosion, this makes it a suitable material for building storage tanks that would be used to store contents that must not be contaminated. It is also great at insulating heat and is easy enough to weld.

It is very important to keep the water that will be used for drinking, bathing, cooking, and other purposes clean and pure. Stainless steel is a prime candidate when building domestic and industrial water storage tanks because it does not rust unlike other metals.

Water that has been kept in a secure stainless steel storage tank can last up to half a year or six months and still be safe to drink. This assumes, however, that the tank is kept closed without any cracks or leaks where contaminants may enter.

Although plastic tanks are much cheaper than stainless steel, they are not very good at regulating temperature, which often results in these tanks becoming contaminated with algae. For long term water storage, stainless steel is the clear winner.